Baton Transport

Property 1=1

1. Navigate to: WhistleSystem

2. Create a report

a. Specify a subject and describe the misconduct by selecting the boxes under the text “Subject” and “Description.”

b.Click or drag files to the “Drop files here or click to upload” box to attach one or several files. The feature also works on your mobile device, so you can attach photos or recorded messages directly from your mobile device.

c. If “Select Recipients” is turned on, you have the option to select recipients from the administrator team. If not, all administrators will receive the report.

d. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to submit the report


3. The report has now been submitted and received by the company’s administrator team. SAVE YOUR REPORT ID!

a. You will now receive a receipt confirming that your report has been received in the form of a report ID. It is important that you save your report ID and keep it in a safe place! This could be in your private notebook or notes on your mobile device.

b. You can sign in again with your organization’s login + your report ID. This allows you to view responses from the administrator team and start an anonymous dialog. This is also where your organization can tell you about the actions your report has resulted in and ask in[1]depth questions – still completely anonymous! NB* It is important that you save your report ID and keep it in a safe place!

c. When you sign in and use your Report ID or right after the report is sent, you can add further or forgotten information under “Send message.” This starts an anonymous thread with the administrator team.

d. If you need to upload documentation or send additional documents, this can be done at the bottom of the image under “Upload Attachments” – even after the report is sent.

4. See replies and confirmations from the administrator team. a. You can log in with your company’s access information and then type your Report ID under “Open Report” to access your report again.

Baton Transport’s Whistleblower Policy

The whistleblower policy aims to explain how the whistleblower system works at Baton Transport. The policy further aims to ensure that potential misconduct reports are not withheld due to lack of clarity on the whistleblower system.

Baton Transport’s Whistleblower system

Baton Transport has established a whistleblower system following the EU Directive 2019/1937.

Baton Transport’s whistleblower system is operated by WhistleSystem ApS, ensuring a completely anonymous and secure process for the whistleblower. The whistleblower system shall be used if employees or other stakeholders experience serious misconduct or offences in relation to Baton Transport. Examples of what can be reported is further described in the whistleblower policy under “What can be reported?”.

Baton Transport encourages you to contact your manager about incidents or misconduct. However, this is not always the most optimal approach and can cause reports to be withheld. Therefore, Baton Transport has established a whistleblower system that, if you do not want or can go to your manager, or simply wish to remain anonymous, makes it possible to still report the offence.

Reports can be made by anyone with access to the system. At Baton Transport, this includes internal stakeholders who have experienced misconduct.

The whistleblower’s report can include people, situations, and incidents. All stakeholders can be reported if the report is relevant under the criteria in “What can be reported?” in this policy and is related to Baton Transport.

What can be reported?

The whistleblower system can only be used to report serious misconduct or violations. Subjects such as cooperation difficulties, dissatisfaction with facilities, or dissatisfaction with conditions cannot be reported through the whistleblower system. In such cases, please refer to your manager.

Examples of subjects that can be reported through the whistleblower system include, but is not limited to, the following points.

  •   Sexism
  •   Sexual assault
  •   Physical violence
  •   Discrimination
  •   Economic crime
  •   Workplace safety
  •   Consumer protection
  •   Product safety
  •   Breach of procurement legislation
  •   Breach of GDPR legislation
  •   Breach of environmental legislation
  •   Money laundering

However, it is Baton Transport’s policy that we would rather have one report too much than one too little, to ensure that we receive all relevant reports. This means that if you are unsure whether you report can be reported under the whistleblower legislation, you are encouraged to submit the report.

How are reports processed?

The reports are processed by Baton Transport’s administrator team.

The process proceeds as follows:

  1. The administrator team will notify the whistleblower that the report has been received within 7 days.
  2. The administrator team assesses and categorizes the report and conducts an initial investigation. At this stage, it is possible that the administrator team needs more information or documentation from the whistleblower. The team will start an anonymous dialogue with the whistleblower through the system.
  3. The processing of the report is based on the type and severity of the report. Initially, the report is processed internally. In case of particularly severe misconduct or violations, the authorities can be involved in the investigation.
  4. The whistleblower is informed of the actions taken within 3 months of the submission of the report. In long-term cases, the whistleblower is updated on a regular basis.
  5. Any personal information in the report is processed to remain GDPR compliant.
  6. The report is deleted from the system when it is no longer relevant.


The directive states that whistleblowers cannot be punished for reporting misconduct or violations. Thus, the whistleblower should not be concerned about private or career consequences following the report. If the report is relevant under the Whistleblower Directive, the whistleblower will not be punishable by Baton Transport after submitting the report.

This includes the following penalties (retaliation):

  •   Termination
  •   Suspension
  •   Degradation
  •   Failed promotion
  •   Change in working time and tasks
  •   Decline in wages
  •   Intimidation, harassment, and social exclusion at work

Baton Transport’s whistleblower policy aims to encourage greater transparency and security for all employees and stakeholders.


The system utilizes several security measures that protects the whistleblower and the system in general. Some of these include:

  1. When reporting, everything is heavily encrypted throughout the process.
  2. ISO27001 approved servers in Europe.
  3. SSL technology that ensures an encrypted connection between browser and server.
  4. Architecture built on state-of-the-art technology and continuously AI monitored code to ensure the highest level of security.
  5. Multifactor login functionality in the administrator login process.
  6. Redundancy ensuring that no data is lost.
  7. No IP logging.