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Trucking for Equality

One of our key partners is the Azad Foundation, an organization that provides livelihoods with dignity for resource-poor women living in urban areas in India.

At Baton Transport, we drive positive change by supporting diversity and enabling equal opportunities for people, irrespective of gender or origin. Our pursuit of increasing the number of women in our truck driving pool led us to build the Trucking for Equality program, which now works with non-government organizations (NGOs) across India.

One of our key partners is the Azad Foundation, an organization that provides dignity of livelihood for resource-poor women living in urban areas in India. Azad Foundation is driven by the vision of a world where all women, particularly women from underprivileged backgrounds, enjoy full (and equal) citizenship, work a decent job, and generate wealth and value for all.

Through its Women on Wheels program, the Azad Foundation empowers women with minimal economic and social capital to become professional drivers. They provide training and support to help qualified women drivers secure employment opportunities in partnership with Sakha Consulting Wings, the for-profit sister organization of Azad Foundation. More than 400 women trained by the Azad Foundation practice as professional drivers across the cities where they live and work.

Another NGO we work with is Janvikas from the state of Gujarat, India, which, through its DriverBen initiative, works with underprivileged and marginalized women to help them learn to read and write, and drive two- and four-wheelers. This enables women to venture out of their homes and start making a living as drivers — by driving a taxi or being a food delivery agent. 

At Trucking for Equality, we forge partnerships with organizations like the Azad Foundation, Sakha, Janvikas, and other local NGOs and social enterprises to extend this program to women aspiring to become international truck drivers. By enabling women to acquire non-traditional livelihoods with dignity, we nurture a generation of empowered women who are catalysts for change. These women embody values of inclusion, mutual respect, and equality, and are transforming the spaces they inhabit, from their families to the broader community.

Our cooperation with local NGOs in India is a key part of our commitment to SDG 5 on Gender Equality. This program is more than just providing women with new opportunities for employment and economic empowerment — it contributes to improving social equality for women in India. We take pride in this pioneering initiative and eagerly anticipate furthering our partnerships, while inviting new allies to join us in this transformative journey.