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Driving an Ambulance in India to Driving a Truck in Europe — Sneha’s Journey Against Odds

Sneha Purohit's professional journey from a saleswoman to a pioneering female truck driver in India, now set for Europe, exemplifies resilience and the power of finding unconditional support in the unlikeliest of people

In the winding streets of a small town in Gujarat, amidst the hum of life and the whirl of activity, you’d find Sneha Purohit. She’s 37 today. While she reflects a demeanor similar to the women in her neighborhood, a casual discussion with Sneha would reveal an extraordinary spirit of resilience and determination. 

Sneha is a beacon of inspiration. Her journey from being a saleswoman in an electronics store to now preparing to navigate the roads of Europe is nothing short of remarkable.

Starting from humble beginnings

Sneha’s story begins in the warm, close-knit environment of her family. Living with her supportive husband and beloved daughter, she initially worked in sales, juggling roles in various electronic stores and selling Dish TV services. 

However, life had different plans. The pandemic brought about unforeseen challenges, with Sneha and her husband struggling to remain afloat. Sneha’s husband was a driver, and as taxi services were halted due to strict quarantining measures, it meant the family was losing income.

It was at this time they realized that ambulances were in high demand to transport COVID-19 patients. Desperate for a different source of income, Sneha and her husband pooled their savings to purchase an ambulance. 

A few weeks later, Sneha learned to drive through the NGO Jan Vikas. “When I saw my husband struggle, I chose to help him out,” she says, her voice reflecting the resolve that has carried her through countless challenges.

This pivotal moment became the catalyst for Sneha’s transition into a completely new realm — driving.

“I had never thought about taking up driving as a profession,” Sneha recalls. The thought of a woman behind the wheel of a large vehicle was met with skepticism and doubt. But Sneha defied the odds, inspired by her mother-in-law and motivated to support her family. 

Starting as a personal driver for school children, Sneha quickly realized the potential of this new career path. Despite facing societal prejudices, particularly against women in such roles, she embraced the profession wholeheartedly. 

“There have been such challenges as a lady driver, where people don’t believe I would be able to help them out in the case of an emergency, but when I show them that I am capable, they are left surprised,” Sneha shares. This ability to constantly prove her doubters wrong has not only boosted her confidence but also solidified her passion for driving.

As an ambulance driver, Sneha’s days are filled with unpredictable emergencies and the responsibility of saving lives. The work is demanding and often requires her to work night shifts, but the financial stability it brings has transformed her family’s life. “I earned only INR 10,000 a month as a sales personnel. But with driving, not only do I earn more but also get to choose my work timings. My financial condition is a lot better. I am clearing up the mortgage on the house and I truly believe this job is perfect for me,” Sneha asserts with pride.

From driving an ambulance to manoeuvering a truck

The leap from driving an ambulance in India to driving a truck in Europe is monumental, but Sneha is undeterred. 

“I am so grateful for the family that I have,” she says. “My mother-in-law used to tell me how she wanted to learn driving and she inspired me to take her dream and make it come true for myself. She and my husband have always been supportive even when the others in the society used to talk about how truck driving is a job for the drunkards.”

When the opportunity to move to Europe arose, once again it was her husband and mother-in-law who encouraged her to pursue this dream. The training in Bangalore and Delhi, although challenging, prepared her for this next big step. “I had never thought of an opportunity like this. My family inspired me to make my own decision if I were confident in my ability to learn how to drive a truck,” Sneha reminisces.

The preparation for Europe involves rigorous training and learning new driving regulations, a stark contrast to the relaxed rules she’s accustomed to in India. Sneha is undaunted. “If I have driven here, I am sure I will be able to replicate my success there as well,” she says confidently. She’s diligently studying with the help of a mobile application and conversing with people from the region to ensure she’s well-prepared for the exams and the new life ahead.

The thought of leaving her family behind weighs heavily on Sneha’s heart. “I will miss my daughter, husband, and my cat,” she admits. Yet, the prospect of earning more money to secure a better future for her daughter and leading a mortgage-free life keeps her motivated. Europe represents not just a new beginning, but a chance for Sneha to fulfill her dreams and set a powerful example for other women.

In her final thoughts, Sneha expresses gratitude for companies like Baton and the opportunities that have come her way. “Thanks so much for trusting women with such an opportunity. It makes us believe in ourselves and we hope it will help us become the inspiration for future generations of women.”

Sneha Purohit’s journey is a constant reminder that with determination and support, the road ahead, no matter how challenging, can be navigated with grace and success.