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A tale of familial support and its wonders – Renu’s journey from Delhi to Europe

Discover Renu's journey from a timid girl to a confident woman truck driver, empowered by unconditional familial support and encouragement

When her family encouraged her to become a driver, little could Renu imagine how transformative the journey would be. See her transform from a carefree spirit to a confident driver, from India to Europe, fueled by the thrill of the road.

Unlike the many stories born out of Indian households where women have to fight tooth and nail for their right to choose their profession, Renu’s story comes as a breath of fresh air. 

When her career choice of becoming a driver defied societal gender stereotypes in India, her family did not subject her to criticism and judgment. On the contrary, they were her primary cheerleaders, paving the way for her remarkable and inspiring journey as a female truck driver from the streets of Delhi to the highways of Europe.

Now, at 25, Renu’s infectious laughter echoes through the air as she maneuvers her vehicle with finesse. She embodies joie de vivre, blessed to have found her true calling amidst the chaos of city life.

A few minutes in her company, it is evident that her confidence is not born out of surviving life’s challenging battles, but from having a family that lent love and support before the battles could find their way to her. 

Finding encouragement from the beginning

The youngest in her family, Renu basks in the warmth of unconditional love.

“Driving was never my passion,” she recalls. “It was a skill my parents insisted I acquire after completing my schooling.” 

Little did she know that what began as a mere hobby at Azad Foundation would blossom into a fulfilling career. She started to enjoy the freedom that driving provided and, in the process, discovered her affinity for the open road. 

Getting selected and joining Sakha Cabs, where she pursued driving as a career, proved pivotal in her life. Surrounded by like-minded people there, Renu found herself drawn to the friendships and adventures that came with being behind the wheel.

Despite the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated profession, Renu’s resolve remained unshaken. She acknowledges the lingering stares and disparaging remarks she comes across on the roads but finds solace in the encouragement of those who believe in her. Each obstacle she has encountered has only fueled her determination to succeed.

Renu has undergone a profound transformation throughout her journey as a driver. “I am not the same person who joined Azad as a timid young woman who knew only the route from her school to her home. During my time in Azad, I learned how to navigate different ways, speak to people confidently, and get out of the house without feeling nervous. Ever since I started earning money, people in my community respect me. People believe I am worthy of making my own decisions.”

Making her way to Europe

As Renu prepares to embark on a new chapter in Europe with Baton Transport, she reflects on the journey that has led her to this moment. The prospect of navigating unfamiliar roads and mastering a new language fills her with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Yet, beneath her uncertainties lies a steely resolve to embrace the challenges ahead.

For Renu, the opportunity to move to Europe was not one she sought but one she ultimately embraced upon her family’s insistence.

“Much like driving was, even going to Europe is a decision that my family felt would be the right one for me at this time in my life,” she says. As she shows the visa stamp on her passport, she can’t help but marvel at the realization of a dream she never dared to dream.

The preparation for her European adventure has been rigorous, from honing her driving skills to familiarizing herself with the continent’s regulations. Yet, amidst the practicalities, Renu looks forward to the personal growth that awaits her. She anticipates forging new connections, immersing herself in different cultures, and honing her craft on foreign soil.

While the prospect of leaving her homeland evokes a bittersweet longing, Renu is ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that await her in a new continent. She knows that her journey is not just about personal growth but also about securing a better future for her family.

As she sets her sights on Europe, Renu does so with a smile, ready to embrace whatever the future holds with open arms. For in her heart, she knows that with the love of her family and the strength of her spirit, there’s no limit to what she can achieve.

At Baton Transport, we actively foster a culture of diversity and inclusion by encouraging women drivers like Renu to pursue their passions in the trucking industry. We seek to empower women through training programs, mentorship, and equal opportunities, creating a more equitable and supportive workforce. Want to work with us? Get in touch here